Information Security
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Information Security

Why Information Security means a lot more than before

  • Cyber security has significant impact on companies abilities to achieve business goals and protect corporate image.
  • Increasing mandate of legal and regulatory compliance for data protection means information security measure are all the more important.
  • Information Security solutions have become more agile by exploiting cloud delivery models
  • Emerging trends of  Machine Learning and AI based human analysis have made Information Security services more credible and simple.
  • Security decisions are increasingly based on market geographies and rather than traditional common considerations.
  • Decentralization at several levels of business ecosystem by Information Security measures can mitigate concentration of digital power



–  Gartner Research, 2018



Securing Digital Assets

Understanding typical InfoSec layers

Typical skills needed for self managed Information Security

For organisations that decide to maintain their own Information Security, apart from cost of such infrastructure, a lot of skilled resources and specific roles are needed, depending upon their  security posture and risk policies.




Partnering with Managed Security Services Provider(MSSP)

For organisations who want to focus on their core business and be relieved with their Information Security concerns, then they need to partner with MSSP and take advantage of managed Security Operation Centre (SOC) model

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